I’ve been thinking about making a blog for quite a while, and the other day I decided f*ck it, it’s time to do it. 

I am Daisy (also known as Lady Ace), a model, an animal lover, a horse trainer, a public speaker and advocate for mental health, a makeup and body modification enthusiast, and currently a university student who is studying Zoology Veterinary.


I’m starting this blog for many reasons, and it’ll probably be the most random blog in the universe, the things I post on here will probably be all over the place and for the most part not make sense to be together. But, I don’t care, it’s my blog, my personal space to share whatever the f*ck I want, and believe me, I’m going to.


So, sit your ass back, and enjoy the craziness that is my interests, views and my life.

  2 comments for “About

  1. J
    August 19, 2017 at 7:18 am

    You are very brave. I wish I could be more like you

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