Sh*t I Hate

Literally just a list of things I can’t stand in life.

Includes things people do, sh*t life throws at you, and more

Wanna share the sh*t you hate?

Leave it in the comments at the bottom of the page!

I also just want to point out that instead of you guys thinking that I am being completely negative, I’ll be making a completely separate post called “Sh*t I Love”

Okay, Ladygirls and Gentleboys, prepare yourself for too many memes, and let’s get started.

1. Airplanes. I hate everything about them. I hate going on them. Going near them. I hate them so much that I close my eyes if there is one on the TV. They scare the sh*t out of me. I want as little as possible to do with them. 

2. The noise that is made when people run their fingers/fingernails through carpet or other fabrics. Seriously, that sh*t is like nails on a chalkboard to me. It’s the only noise in the world that makes me want to vomit. 

3. The taste of coconut. (Although coconut oil is a gift from the Gods.)

4. The phrase “sliding into your DM’s” or anything similar.


5. Banks. I hate everything about them. I’d honestly rather just keep my cash in my house, but that’s dumb, so I have to deal with my hatred for banks.

6. Automatic flushing toilets. They scare me. I’m never prepared and never expecting it and they are always a thousand times louder than normal toilers. LET ME FLUSH MY OWN TOILET GOD DAMN IT! STOP GUESSING WHEN I’M DONE!

7. Sushi. It’s disgusting and in my mind it’s a sin.

8. When people try to serve me some sort of animal to eat and it still has the head attached and it’s eyes just stare into your soul. It really ruins my appetite and makes me feel super f*cking sick. At least cut the head off before you serve it to me. I don’t like people watching me eat, let alone my own food.

9. Eating in a restaurant. Actually eating anywhere outside of my own home or car. I have anxiety and when there’s a lot of people around that I don’t know, I find it difficult to do things. And eating out (unless its a woman, haha, dirty truthful thought) is something that not only gives me very high anxiety, but I also despise and never look forward to.

10. Buying gas for my car. I enjoyed it the first week I got my own car, but after that it’s not something I like. That sh*t’s expensive.

11. Religion. I hate it so much that I will be making a totally separate post on why I hate it. 


12. Job interviews. They also raise my anxiety through the roof.

13. That annoying beep boop noise cars make when your seat belt isn’t on and your keys are in the ignition. Like come on car bro, just calm the f*ck down, we aren’t even moving anywhere, you’re just angry at me and screaming for no reason. (Yes, that is an actual conversation I have with my car on a regular basis. And yes, I talk to my car. Leave me alone.)

14. Waking up before noon, or early afternoon.


15. Going to the Dentist. I hate it, they scare me. When I got my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago, they only froze half of my face, so on one side of my face I felt EVERYTHING, it was the worst.

16. Boob sweat. Especially as a bustier woman, I get it a lot. It suuuuuuucks.

17. Sweat in general. Especially face sweat while I’m wearing makeup. The sweat just ruins everything. Make it stop! 

18. Pewdiepie. Sorry not sorry. I can’t stand him.

19. Actually I hate all “let’s play” and gaming channels except from Markiplier and Bentastic. 

20. Heat. I hate heat. I get heatstroke so easily. 

21. On that note, I also hate summer. I’m a winter lover. 

22. People asking me if I’m going to a party or convention when I go out because of the way I dress. Just accept people are different and don’t be an asshole.

23. Taking off makeup. 


24. Licorice. It tastes like death.

25. Most people. Most people judge me on how I look and dress, and those are people I don’t like. 

26. The weird hard bits in fried chicken. And I don’t mean the bones or the batter. But in the actually chicken there are sometimes hard bits. Fried chicken is my favourite food, and they ruin it for me.

27. People who say “on accident” instead of “by accident”. Unless you’re a small child, you have no excuse to say that. 

28. People who pronounce the “g” in words. For example, goinG, cominG….you get the idea. 

29. Things that need AAA batteries. Who do you think you are? Just take regular AA’s.

30. Animal abusers. Child abusers. Just people who are abusive. You have no f*cking right. You’re just an asshole who deserves to rot in the deepest layer of hell with Satan’s c*ck shoved so far down your throat that it comes out your ass.  

31. People who share videos of animal abuse on social media, usually Facebook, so that everyone, including myself can see it. Keep that sh*t to yourself. 

32. Dolores Umbridge. If you don’t know who she is, look her up, I’m sure you’ll hate her too. 


33. The word “swag”. Don’t say it unless you’re writing a Shakespeare play.  

34. When people think I work in Hot Topic while I’m just trying to shop there. 

35. People who don’t believe that my real name is Daisy. It happens more often than you think. 

36. How expensive makeup is.

37. How hard fake eyelashes are to put on. 


38. Rodeos. To me they are animal abuse. Especially living in Alberta and having the Calgary Stampede every year and having animals die at it every year. 

 39. Piranhas and how quickly they can devour a fully grown human. 

40. Fish with large teeth. Unless you’re a shark, you don’t need them. You look creepy. Even pictures of them make me uncomfortable.

41. Tomatoes. Even though I like ketchup and tomato soup. I hate tomatoes by themselves.

42. Cooking. I don’t completely hate it. But I don’t enjoy or like it much. 

43. Anything to do with the Kardashian’s or the Jenner’s or whatever. I don’t understand why people like them. 

44. Anything to do with Taylor Swift.

45. Country music. 

46. Justin Bieber. 

47. Pop music.

48. People that get famous for no reason. 

49. Fake boobs that are obviously fake. I don’t mind fake boobs that look slightly fake and aren’t over sized. But those fake boobs that are badly done and way too big for the woman’s body, those I hate. 

50. Teachers breath. 

51. Morning breath. 

52. Coffee breath. 

53. People who are bad in bed and then think they are masters of the woman’s body. Nah dude, you just suck really bad. 

54. Dudes who send pictures of their dicks. Especially if I don’t ask for it. I’ve even made a whole post on it, check out my “Disrespectful Dudes (18+)” page.

55. When a show I like gets cancelled or only has a certain amount of episodes/seasons. 

56. Life.

57. Dr. Pepper. It’s disgusting and shouldn’t exist. 

58. Mountain Dew. 

59. Wine. Not only am I allergic to it, but it tastes disgusting. I can’t stand it. 

60. Cheap beer. 

61. Clamato.

62. Ceasers.

63. Seafood. 

64. Broccoli.

65. Brussels sprouts. 

66. Basically all vegetables except carrots, corn and peas.

67. The fact that a tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable. 

68. Guys that don’t give oral yet are happy to receive it.

69. Lol. I don’t hate 69, I love it, but I’m just being immature.

70. Guys that don’t give oral in general. Dudes, your ladies love it, spoil them once in a while.

71. People who don’t keep or follow through with promises. 

72. People who don’t understand dog behavior but own them anyway. For example, I own a Rottweiler who is the sweetest and least violent thing in the world, yet when we take her for a walk people freak out and say she bit their dog when she goes over to try and make friends with other dogs. She’s never bitten another dog in her life, she sniffs them, like all dogs do. Don’t yank your dog away because of your false beliefs. It bugs the sh*t out of me.

73. People who think Rottweilers and Pitbulls and those kind of breeds are vicious and violent. The dog is a reflection of the owner. Any dog can become violent if not trained or treated properly. In fact, out of all the dogs I’ve met, the smaller breeds tend to start the most fights whilst my Rottweiler just wants to do her own thing.

74. I’m on a rant now. But people who don’t train or discipline their dogs, yet bring them to an off leash park. Then their dog starts a fight and the owner blames it on the other person who’s dog is just chillin’ and minding it’s own business. 

75. Death taking the people and creatures I love more than anything. 

76. The fact that pets don’t live as long as we do. 

To be continued….


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