Disrespectful Dudes (18+)

18+ ONLY! Some people may find this post offensive. If anything like this has ever happened to you, tell me about it in the comments section!

I will probably add to this for a long time, as I get a lot of these kind of messages.

Some of the disrespectful disgusting things dudes have sent me over different forms of social media. 

It’s the year 2017, and most people know what the term “fuckboy” or “wasteman” means. If not, here’s the definition from Urban Dictionary.

Fuckboy: A boy who is into strictly sexual relationships; he will lead a girl on and let her down, then apologize only to ask for “pics” once the girl has welcomed him back into her trust. Boys like this will pretend to genuinely care about the girl but always fail to prove the supposed affection. He almost never makes plans because he has to hangout on his terms which could be the most whimsical of times, and if the girl rejects those plans because she has a legitimate reason for not being able to hang out, he will get pissed. However, if plans are made he will bail on them without a second thought. If a girl tries to stand up to this asshole he will most likely deny everything and turn it all around on the girl making it seem as though the conflict at stake is her fault and he has done nothing wrong and hates when girls bitch at him for “no reason.” He will always come crawling back because he is a horny prick and can not withstand the dispossession of one of his girls, because he has more than one that’s for sure. Texting such a boy will consist of the girl carrying the conversation and the guy responding with short answers 10 or more minutes after the girl’s response, but when she asks why he takes so long to answer it will be because he is “busy” but he promises he likes her. Boys like this are egotistical assholes who can not be trusted and are hard to get rid of because they say all the right things to get the girl back.

Wasteman: A man, who doesn’t act his age, normally from a village, who spends his life in the same clothes drinking alcohol, taking drugs in the local pub, ending up at someone’s kitchen, with no job or prospects and a complete disrespect for women. Basically another name for a Fuckboy. Wastemen like to waste women’s time and there was even a tag on Instagram called #wastehertime with the year it was at the time at the end

(example #wastehertime2017). 

Basically both types of men are disrespectful to women, only want to sleep with as many women as possible, break hearts for no reason and most are mentally and emotionally abusive. Ladies, if you think a man you’re talking to is like the above definitions or if you get messages like the ones I got sent below, I suggest you block them and get them out of your life as soon as possible.


Okay, lets get on to the pictures I’ve been sent.

Friday August 4th, 2017

The first image is his gross penis, sorry!

This guy didn’t even say hello. It was just a picture of his very small dang-a-lang. He sent me this about 3 minutes after I made a post on Instagram about how much I hate dick pictures, so that says a lot about this Fuckboy. Also, not long after I told him I was going to post it, he got really scared and was literally begging me not to post it in case someone he knew saw it. But if he didn’t want his tiny package seen, he wouldn’t of sent it. To me, if you send something like this to anybody online, then you want it to be seen, therefore I have every right to post it wherever. I didn’t get a screenshot of most of his begging, I blocked and deleted him very quickly after washing my eyes out with bleach. 

I apologize, there is an uncensored peenie coming up.


However I did have fun posting the below version all over Instagram to warn other men (although Fuckboys only really send these kind of pictures to women) and women about lowlifes like this dude. I just wanna know why he was so afraid of it being posted everywhere. Is you stupid? Don’t send it, and it wont be posted. 



Thursday August 3rd, 2017

This dude has called me ugly on many different occasions because of how I like to dress. Now I didn’t mean “normal girls are ugly”. It’s not a style I’m interested in, and the “normal” girls I have known, are very very dramatic. I’m sorry if I offended anyone with that statement. Deep down I’m all about girl power and I have sisterly love most, if not all, of the girls I have talked to online and in the real world. I’m also not sure why “I’m showing this to my boyfriend” is always my first response. Maybe because he’s in the military and can kick someones ass quite easily? I don’t know. I’ts also funny to me how he’s like “no don’t post this!” If you don’t want it posted, don’t be an asshole, it’s really that simple. There’s quite a few pictures, so it’s in a slideshow. 

This dude was blocked and deleted not long after my final message. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Monday August 7th, 2017

This guy is obsessed with me. He wants to move to Canada to be with me. So obsessed that he lies about Nathan cheating on me and he just says some really horrible (bust also funny) stuff. I did tell some small white lies. My boyfriend doesn’t send me money very often, only when I’m desperate or short on my bills. He also is allowed to leave the military base, but he rarely does. I also lied and said I would help this dude into Canada if he gave me photo proof of Nathan cheating on me. Trust me, I would never in a million years help this psycho into Canada, or any other country. Again, there are multiple images so I posted them in slideshow format.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love that he says “beaches” instead of “bitches”. Nathan, if you’re going to beaches without me, then we will have an issue 😉 .

I also lied and told this dude that I had Nathan’s log ins to his accounts (which I don’t because I trust him) but this guy was so set on telling me Nathan was cheating so I just said that to shut him up. I would also like to point out that Nathan doesn’t party much. He parties with me when he’s home, but I’m fairly sure he just goes out to drinks with his mates in the military, like an adult. Also, who the fuck goes to discos anymore apart from nine year old’s at their school disco? I thought disco was dead? 

Again, this guy was promptly blocked and deleted.

Wednesday August 9th, 2017

Why do dudes not even say “hello” anymore? It’s just like “BAM HERE’S MY PENIS!!” Is a picture of your genitals now a greeting? Am I behind the times? Never in my life have I ever greeted someone with a picture of my genitals. Why do guys do it? Why are more and more dudes doing it? I mean, I know a few guys were doing it years ago, but now it seems like there are way more of them doing it and violating our poor eyes. Seriously, your mother did not carry you for nine months for you to turn out to be an asshole. I’m fairly positive your mother did not raise you saying “girls love it when you send them a picture of your junk instead of hello”. So instead of being a Fuckboy, be a man and have a conversation without showing your ding-a-ling, ok? 

I must apologize again, there is an uncensored dick picture coming up.


The most fun thing about getting send dick pictures (especially after being asked what my thoughts on it are) is sending back my edited pictures. I also post my edited pictures to the Instagram page @fuckboysaintshitbuttricks 

Here’s a link to it: https://www.instagram.com/fuckboysaintshitbuttricks/?hl=en

Yes, I get SO many genital pictures, that I made up an Instagram page to post them to. 

So, below is my edited picture on how I felt about his junk.


Wednesday  August 2nd, 2017 

Yet another dude who is more than obsessed with me. Although, this has been the funniest conversation I have ever had with a Fuckboy. 

Let me tell you why, and post images of the conversation as we go. Some of the pictures may belong to the same explanation, and if that is the case, they will be in slideshow format. If not, they will simply be just the individual photos.

This is a long long long LONG conversation, but I promise you it’s worth the read. So grab a snack, a drink (preferably alcoholic), and find somewhere comfy to sit.

Okay, so this guy found me on Whatsapp, which is basically a free texting/calling app. At first he was very normal and very sweet. Just the normal “I hope you’re having a good day”, or “hello, don’t forget to take care of yourself today”. I honestly thought nothing of it apart from he seemed like a nice guy.

I was so unprepared for what was to come. He literally seemed to flip a switch and ever so slowly became super weird.


I also just want to quickly point out that I’m not posting every single message from our conversations. A lot of the messages are very boring,and quite normal (example “how’re you?” etc. etc). They are just pointless to add in. 


So first thing’s first, he sent some pictures of himself (this was before he got really strange), however, the pictures were very very edited. Not to mention very very badly edited. I’m not 100% what he did to make them look this fucked up, if you can figure it out, leave a comment! But what I do know is that it looked like he had badly airbrushed the photos on his phone and then had turned up the light exposure to go as high as it could go. 

I’m not kidding, I posted them as they appeared in the chat as well as close ups of each singular picture down below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Seriously, do your photos really need to be THAT edited that no one can tell your face from the background? If you’re going to edit your own photos, do a little bit of research, don’t wash yourself out and don’t let your white as fuck face blend into the white as fuck background. I don’t know why that grinds my gears, but for some reason it does.


He then asked me to send him a picture of myself, which I did. I’ll even show you what picture so you can see I wasn’t leading him on or anything. You’ll see why that bit of information is important in a moment.


So, very normal picture of me. Nothing provocative or anything like that, right? All I did was say “thanks” after his compliment and that was it. You can also see in the picture that there is no cleavage showing. If you know me, or have seen other pictures of me, you will know that I have very large breasts, and at a cup size of 36 GGG, cleavage in pictures and in life is something I can rarely avoid. However, for the picture I sent this dude, I made sure to have no cleavage or anything like that showing. I actually spent time cropping the picture to make extra sure I wasn’t leading him on or anything. 

I also told him I had a boyfriend and that I was in a long term relationship, which makes this next thing infuriating. 

His response was yet another picture of him, which I will post below. Look carefully at what he said when he sent the picture. 


Did you see what this dude said?? If not, look below, I circled it…


Okay, so I didn’t see the “boyfriends is now” message until I had already sent the messages that you see here. Before we continue, let’s just re-read what he said. I also made him into a meme, so let’s admire that artwork too.


Heh heh.. I can’t resist. I live to meme. But yeah, weird right?

I don’t know about you, but have you ever had a Fuckboy that does nothing but try to video call you all the time? Or have a Wasteman literally beg to see you on video call? 

Cause I have.


I know this wasn’t full on begging (but I have had dudes do that. You’ll see in other entries in this post.)

But wait, this weirdo gets weirder! Again, there are so many messages so its in a slideshow. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Okay, I have a few questions, comments and concerns about these messages. 

First of all, what the fuck is an Aramaic relationship? If you know, please tell me in the comments. Secondly, I did tell him that I was in a serious long term relationship yet he continued. Thirdly, I really wanted him to explain how he thought we could be together. I wanted to know for a few reasons. One was I was finding this conversation increasingly funny. Two, I honestly wanted to know his plan. And lastly, I wanted to tell him at the end of his explanation all the reasons we couldn’t be together. 

Another question I have is why did he say “I do not care about your past. Now I can take visa into  your country”? Not only is this the most unsubtle way of telling me you want to use me for a visa, but I never ever told him a single thing about my past. I hadn’t told him anything except the fact that I was in a relationship. Wanna know how little he knows about me? I didn’t even tell him my name. So I’d love to know what about my past he doesn’t care about, considering he knows nothing about me. 

Question number whatever, why is he telling me that love knows no distances after I literally just blatantly said “we won’t love each other.” Is this dude serious? BOY BYE!

I also don’t understand how dudes are always like “but I like you” or “I love you” when they know dick all about you. Can someone please explain it? Because I don’t get it. Am I missing something? Are you supposed to like/love someone you know nothing about? Because if so, I apparently did not show up for that class.

Can we also touch base on the fact that he thought the word “bitch” meant that I was a prostitute? I don’t have an issue with prostitutes, if that’s what you’re doing, then girl, make your paper, but I for one am not a prostitute and have no interest in being one. I’m a model, and magazines and companies buy my photos, but I’m fairly sure that “model” and “prostitute” are two different things. 

Before we move on to the reason I blocked and deleted this fuck-muck stain, here are some things he actually said to me after I had told him we didn’t love each other for the thousandth time.


No bitch, I did not agree to date you. And why are you saying “mmm” before saying you want me to be your wife?! I say “mmm” while I’m eating some good food. Is you going to eat me? Is you gonna cook me? Why do you say that? I’m confused. 

(I also just realized I got those pictures backwards, but I’m not worrying about it, so you shouldn’t either. Ok?)

Okay, I think that’s all my questions, comments and concerns for that part of the conversation. Let’s move on to why I blocked and deleted this Fuckboy, shall we?

I constantly get asked about my piercings, my tattoos, how many I have, where they are, what they mean, etc. Those questions don’t bother me, if you have a question about me or what I decide to decorate my body with then I will gladly give you an answer. The next set of photos will explain why this bit of information matters.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love my ears, mostly my stretchers, and if people want to see any of my body mods, I almost always send a picture of my ears.

Okay, we are going to go through the next few pictures slowly for a few reasons.

1. They are hilarious. 

2. This guy is actually brain dead

3. I’ve never talked to somebody this dumb

4. If you’re going to lie about something, at least make it believable. 

So notice he said he had a tattoo “in” his “deck” which I’m assuming means “on” his “dick”. Here, I’ll post this next picture so you can make sure that’s what he said. Because I have to get my facts right. I don’t post anything about anyone unless my facts about that person are true.


Okay, so my facts were right. The next picture is my response to his “deck” tattoo.


It’s true. I think dick tattoos are stupid, pointless and pretty gross. 

WAIT… what did he just say…?

20821284_10214319219514079_1047530841_o (1)

Oh, okay then, as long as he was doped on cocaine. 

Like I said, if you’re going to lie, at least make it believable…

But then he had to prove to me that he had a tattoo on his penis. 

This is your uncensored picture warning!


Oh boy, he sure proved me wrong.


Wait a moment.


This Fuckboy. He actually took the time to download a sticker app, find a sticker, and then he used a different app to edit the sticker onto the picture of his penis. 


Mate, you could of at least got one of those temporary tattoos and it would have been a tiny bit more believable. 

I’m fucking losing it. Seriously? Is this what the Fuckboy Nation has come to? Come on guys, put in a bit more effort to be a Fuckboy. You’re all just getting lazy now.

So of course, me being me, and me being protective of body modifications and tattoos (no matter how stupid they are) I had to put my two cents in and tell him how obviously fake it was. 


I bet you’re wondering what that picture is at the bottom of the screenshot. Well, let me show you, he sent me this.

Here is another nudity warning.




If you is a Fuckboy, put some effort into it, quit being lazy and if you’re going to lie, at least have the effort to continue the lie. This Fuckboy could have easily edited the sticker on again. 

Looks like the Fuckboy Nation is getting lazier and lazier by the day.

Anyway, this was the last I heard of this Wasteman, I don’t have time or energy in my life for Fuckboy’s who aren’t even going to continue their lies. 

This bitch was blocked and deleted.

Friday, August 11th, 2017

Should we call this “Fuckboy Friday”? I think the funniest Fuckboy’s are the ones I get most of the time, you know, the ones who have really really shitty English. When their English is shit, it’s frustrating, funny and just a whole lot of “what the fuck even is my life right now?” This dude who messaged me today, did not have good English, lets just get straight into Fuckboy Friday’s story, shall we?

At least this dude was polite enough to say “hey” first, instead of just a picture of his junk. That’s some sort of effort before he turned into his true Fuckboy form. 

And while I’m on the junk subject, why do dudes always take penis pictures from the exact same angles? And why do they always have the same amount of body parts in the picture?Is there some sort of Fuckboy Handbook that says; “Only put your penis in the picture, if you have to hold it, make sure there is more hand in the picture than penis. If you are skinny enough to have washboard abs, make sure you get those bad boys in the picture. And last of all, yet most importantly, here are the only angles you can take the picture from…”

Also guys never take cute naked pictures, it’s like that thought from their brain is blocked off. They can’t make the connection between the words “good” and “naked picture”. I have never in my life seen a nice nudie picture of a dudie. Girls are so good at it, we have it down to a perfected art, yet guys are so challenged at taking naked pictures.

Anyway, back to today’s Fuckboy.


So far, nothing strange, seems like a pretty normal conversation. And I was kinda hoping it would say normal. You’d think that by now I should know that it’s rare to have a nice normal conversation with a dude on  the internet. But when there’s no instant junk picture, straight out of the Fuckboy Handbook, my hopes of a regular conversation get raised. Typical Fuckboy, raising an innocent girls hopes, then crushing them into nothing.

It really didn’t take long at all for this dude to turn on his Fuckboy mode.


This was literally his next like after telling me where he was from. Now I wrote “not yet” to the writing about sex, because who knows what I’ll write about in the future. Maybe I’ll write about most embarrassing moments during sex, or maybe I’ll mention something about sex somewhere, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to type up every sexual experience I’ve had and everything about my sex life. 

Which brings me to another question. Why are Fuckboy’s so interested in peoples sex lives? I don’t understand it. It’s like they need to know every movement you make whilst being intimate. They will never experience me in bed, so why do they need to know? Answer me that in the comments! 

Continuing on…


As you can see, I did warn him. Did that make him stop? No. In fact, he got a lot worse. Let me show you how he went from regular, bad at talking Fuckboy, to next level Fuckboy.

There’s a few screenshots of the conversation of him escalating, so I’ll post those in a slideshow. Then we’ll get to when he reached maximum Fuckboy level.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not even two minutes after I said “Go look for someone who is willing”, I got this gem of a photo.

This is your nudity warning!


But wait, it gets so much better, funnier, and I have to say, at least this guy is honest about himself and is member.


Did you see that? If not, let me help you. Because it is hilarious and true and I need to make everyone see what he said about himself. So look closely at this next picture.


Still don’t see it? Here, let me help you even more. 


You can’t make this shit up. I’ve never met a guy that told me he had a small dick. This was definitely a first for me. 

If you know me, you know I’m meme trash, I live for memes. If you don’t know me, now you know a thing about me. 

So now that you know I’m meme trash, you’ll know that I couldn’t post this man admitting he has a small dick without making a meme out of it.

So now, enjoy my artwork. 


I also need to show you guys what I posted on Instagram. It wasn’t as good as my masterpiece above, but it’s not bad. Instagram takes down any nudity, so I had to cover up the tiny bit of knob that was showing. Anyway, here is my Instagram art.


Quick question, why did he say it was very small and then ask me why I didn’t like it? I told him I had a boyfriend, so there’s no way I’m going to test this dudes very small penis. And I mean, I know it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it, but there has to be some sort of limit (or at least there is for me). And how small is “very small”? I have questions that need answers!

Okay, lets get through the rest of this conversation, which really isn’t much more.


That was the end of the conversation. So when I went to block him, my finger brushed the screen and I noticed something. Here let me show you.


Do you see it?


Bitch why? If you were just gonna delete the picture, why send it in the first place?

I never usually get nosy about the dudes that message me, or if I am curious and go to look at their profile, it’s private. However, I went to look at this guys Instagram profile to see how Fuckboyish this dude can be. And I don’t know, I think he reached the maximum Fuckboy level on the Fuckboy Meter. Also, the pictures you will see aren’t cropped. I opened them up to look at them full screen, and there is exactly the same amount of Fuckboy in the photos. All you’re seeing is smaller versions of the full photo.

One more question, why do Fuckboy’s never show their faces in photos? Or if they do, they only show sections of it. Never their full face. Why show your body and not your face? I don’t get it.

I’m confused.

Have a look, and tell me your thoughts in the comment section. 1 being not very Fuckboyish, and 10 being maximum Fuckboy. Let’s rate these dudes.


Seriously? “Welcome to my hell”? What Hell? All I see is pictures of your shitty body. Can anyone explain what his Hell is? Because I’d love to know.

Or is he just trying to be #edgy ? 

I need answers. Because if he is trying to be edgy, he is failing miserably. 

Fuckboy’s can’t be edgy. No matter how hard they try, they can’t. They are all the same as each other. There are no differences, there is no edginess, they are all the same boring, egotistical Fuckboy’s.

Tuesday August 15th, 2017 

Another Fuckboy story. For some reason, Fuckboy’s pop up in my life almost every single day. So luckily for you guys, I have lots of stories to tell you and lots of pictures to show you. Anyway, here is the Fuckboy from today. 

So the first thing is he messaged me on the Instagram account I use for my blog, and for makeup and for selling my crafts, which I really don’t understand, but anyway, lets just get right on into it.

This guy is sort of interesting(?) I’m not sure if that’s the right word. Maybe he has some sort of fetish of his dick being seen or maybe one of people calling his dick tiny? I don’t know, you’ll see what I mean.

At least he said “hi” I guess? Although that really doesn’t make him any less of a Fuckboy, or any more of a gentleman. 

This is your nudity warning, are you ready?!


Why do they always ask what I think or if I like it?

BOY BYE! No, I don’t like it, I never will like it. And let’s face it, if it’s this small, and if this is how big it is with an erection, he probably should have kept it to himself. No woman (or man) is going to be impressed, pleased or pleasured by this poor excuse of genitalia.

So a lot of messages were sent between us, so I’ll post them all in without interruption, until I have something to say.

One more warning for a nakie picture!

My blog literally got barely any views, until I started this Disrespectful Dudes page. Seriously, my numbers skyrocketed out of nowhere. 

Apparently people enjoy watching these dudes get overpowered by one woman, so I’ll keep it going! It makes good reading material, or so I’ve been told.

And no one is going to say he is big in that picture, but apparently he thinks that’s what everyone will say. Again, not sure if this is some sort of fetish or something?

Now he’s saying he’s not a man? I’m beyond confused.

Oh well, let’s continue!

One thing I’m not, is a liar. And if you don’t believe me on something, I’ll just send you evidence on whatever it is you don’t believe me about. So, don’t even bother underestimating me and what I’m capable of.  

So you probably saw the “send me money or give me your Facebook” part from me. Let me explain. 

This is something I’ve started doing, if they don’t want it posted, they will do one of the two. I guess for me it’s a power thing, but also if they don’t want the world to see it, they can pay me for my kindness and they can pay me for violating my eyes. 

I won’t say why I ask for their Facebook, I’ll leave it up to you to guess.

And you’re worried about your mother seeing it? Why? Are you afraid she’ll see that she carried you for nine months, raised you for sixteen or more years, only for you to turn out to be nothing but a waste of sperm?

The internet is a mean place, and I am one of those mean places.

So this is where I’m not sure if it’s a fetish or not. He doesn’t mind if it gets posted on Instagram, but for some reason he really doesn’t want it on my blog.

I know this IS a fetish, I just don’t know if it’s HIS fetish.

So for Instagram it has to be covered because they don’t like nudity, so I made a pretty picture out of a gross picture, as well as telling him what I thought about his penis. I’ll post the full sized version below so  you can enjoy it!


He told me to look at his bio on Instagram, so I did.

Posted below is what I saw, and I couldn’t stop laughing.


“i have a baby dick

im a fuckboy”

First of all, learn English. Second of all, what the actual fuck??

I never said his dick is smaller than “her” little brother. Am I reading that right?

Or is he saying his dick is smaller than my little brother. If that’s the case, his dick wouldn’t exist as I have no brothers or sisters.

That was the end of the conversation. There’s only one thing I have to do now. 

It’s meme time. 


I’ve been gone for a while (I’ll be blogging about where I’ve been) but for now, I have more dick pictures for you all! 

September 15th, 2017

I don’t even know what to say about this dude. I just know that he has provided my friends and I some amazingly hilarious evenings. Let’s just jump straight in, shall we?


“You want my big cock?” 

Bitch, where? I don’t see a huge cock anywhere. I see one that’s barely bigger than a skittle. Hold on, let’s have a closer look. Maybe there’s a big cock hiding in the background somewhere? If you happen to spot one, let me know. 

22523916_10214870566177401_1295559198_n (1).jpg

Nope, I don’t see a huge cock anywhere. 

I have questions though. Like, why is the head of his penis bigger than the rest of it? Why did he grow into a man, yet, his penis stayed new born sized? Why send this to someone? Why label it as a “huge cock” when I need a magnifying glass to see it? Sir, just, why?

So, how has this being provided me some hilarious nights? Let me tell you. 

Whenever my friend and I go out to a restaurant, we compare fries to this mans dingle. I’d say “dingle dangle” but there is nothing there that is dangling. 

Anyway, you know the tiny burnt bits of fries that no one really wants? The bits that are too tiny to pick up? Yeah, those are bigger than this mans thing-thang. 

This dude makes all the other tiny dicks I’ve been sent, look like they are about 3 feet long. Seriously. This is hands down the smallest cock I have ever had the displeasure to see. 

Another question I have is, when (or if) he is sexually active, does it grow into a monster, or does it just stay tiny? I know for a fact that if I was to get down and dirty with this dude and he pulled down his pants and I saw that tiny acorn, I would run out of the house laughing hysterically. 

Actually, calling it an acorn was too generous. Acorns are way bigger. 

If this person continues to message me, or send me other photos, they will be added! I just can’t stop looking and asking “why?” and “how?”.

More fuckboy stories to come…. 

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