My Anti-Bucket List

A list of all the things I hope I never do before I die

Through life I’ll experience things and think of more things I’ll never want to do before I die. So this will be yet another post that will probably never be finished

1. Skydiving. This is usually on peoples Bucket List, but for me, its something I hope I’ll never do before I die. I hate planes, and the thought of jumping out of one makes me feel sick.

2. Go cliff diving. It’s almost the same as skydiving. I’m out. Never want to do it. Ever. 

3. Do a cliff walk. No, it’s not the same as hiking, I don’t mind hiking. A cliff walk is basically a very very thin piece of wood going up a cliff without any sort of side to it. The only thing you have to hold onto is a chain. You can choose to have safety equipment on some cliff walks, others you don’t have the choice and you do the walk without any sort of safety equipment. Here is a photo of one of the most famous cliff walks, its called “The Huashan Cliff Walk” and it’s located in China.


4. Learn to fly in a wing suit, and then fly in a wing suit. You know, those suits with wings on them, where you kind of look like a flying squirrel. Nope, don’t want to do it.

5. Swim with stingrays. They killed my hero, Steve Irwin, in cold blood. I refuse to swim with them . They’re just rude. 

6. Do any kind of storm chasing, unless it’s a storm of kittens. Have you seen what some storms can do? I a’int risking my life for that.

7. Eat a scorpion. I’d rather eat a massive spider. I have an issue with scorpions. 


Sorry but no sir, not today, not ever.

While we are on the scorpion topic…

8. Do anything with scorpions. Seriously. I don’t want to hold them, kiss them, be                         surrounded by them. If I can, I want absolutely nothing to do with them.                            Tiny weird bastards. 

9. Kill any sort of animal for sport/fun. I am hugely against hunting, or harming/killing any kind of animal when it’s not needed. I’ve worked in vet clinics, and am working towards becoming a vet, I’ve had to euthanize animals, and although it’s horrible, if it is to benefit the animal (if its in pain or has low/no quality of life). However, I would much rather hunt humans than animals. I can’t even express how against harming/killing animals for no reason other than fun I am. I hate it.

10. Join the Mile High Club. I’m terrified of planes. If I am on one, I spend the entire time crying and gripping hold of the seat. There is no chance I would be able to have sex in the air, even if I wanted to. 

11. Pick up a hitch hiker. Yeah yeah, call me an a*shole if you must. But unless I know the hitch hiker in person, I am not picking them up in my car. I’ve seen way too many movies and TV shows where that was a bad idea for the driver. So yeah, not doing it. 

12. Sing karaoke. Even though I can sing, and do sing quite a lot, I would never sing in front of a bunch of strangers, or in public honestly. I’m shy, leave me alone. 

13.  Go to a Country festival or concert. I f*cking hate everything about Country music. Nothing will ever change my mind. It’s basically a Circle of Hell for me. 

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