Sh*t I Hate

Literally just a list of things I can’t stand in life. Includes things people do, sh*t life throws at you, and more Wanna share the sh*t you hate? Leave it in the comments at the bottom of the page! I also just want to point out that instead of you guys thinking that I am…

Disrespectful Dudes (18+)

Another post that I will probably continue to add to for the rest of my life. This will be the only post where I don’t censor what is said or posted. Some people may find this post offensive and this post is 18+ because it does contain nudity and other things that people underage should not see. If you have encountered anything like what I have, I’d love to hear your stories! Leave them in the comments section so we can laugh together!

Death Row Dinner

Learn about my favorite serial killers (and why I love them so much). Find out why I find crime interesting. Enjoy some documentaries and learn about what I would ask for my final meal if I were on Death Row!

My Anti-Bucket List

Through life I’ll experience things and think of more things I’ll never want to do before I die. So this will be yet another post that will probably never be finished. So if you like it, check it out every now and then, it’ll probably be longer than before!

My Un-Goth Confessions

Want to learn my Un-Goth confessions? Now you can! I don’t think this list will ever be complete, I’ll be adding to it all the time, so make sure you check it out on different occasions!